"Some info for the Parents"

Parents: Please note that the school will try to "force" you to use the school photographer for the (1) formal, and (1) casual for the yearbook. You can get your casual's done anywhere you like.  The school of course, doesn't want you to know this information and usually will not offer that info to you.

 I don't shoot 200 images in hope's of getting 10 good ones.  Each shot is thought out, and worked toward getting that image along with the senior.  I work with each senior to achieve the best look possible.  It takes time.  It takes work.  It takes an eye.

I've worked with photographers from all over the U.S. on lighting, composition, and posing techniques. Just some of the locations: New York, Texas, Seattle, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, New Jersey, Nevada, Michigan, just to mention some.


I'm a portrait photographer, not a school photographer.  Big difference.

I send all the girls to Styles on Broadway for Make-up.  The senior is in charge of the make-up, but it's professionally applied.  She should wear her base/foundation.  They'll take care of the rest.  We have the make-up styled somewhere between daytime and evening.

Makeup is on me.  If you want hair done while there, you need to let me know so I can make arrangements for that too, while I make the appointment for make-up.

After she leaves there, I'm one block across the R.R. Tracks.  The number on the back door is 224.  I'm located on 224 Lindell, 2 doors down from Opera house Restaurant.  2 Burgundy doors is the entrance.

Bring all the clothes you can.  I'd rather have too many, than not enough.  Will I shoot all of them? NO, but it gives me choices and options to mix clothing, and to get a wide selection of shots for you.

The usual session time is around 2 to 3 hours.  We'll shoot inside the studio & on location in different areas, all within 15 minutes of the studio.  You want me to take images at your place?  No worries.  Just let me know, and it's done.




Why don't you have packages?  I HATE packages, and I have found over the years, most parents do to.

 On average, I usually provide parents with anywhere from 20 to 40 proofs.  Most of the time, they want around 80% of them in the way of prints of some size or another.

You order what you want, and need.  There are no packages, units, or other weird selling tactic's.  

Here is just one example of a recent senior order with regard to the pose count and sizes.  (20) different poses in 5x7's, (3) different poses in 8x10's, (1) 11x14, and (6) different wallet choices.

You're not forced into any style of ordering.  Why should you be?  Order what you want, in the sizes, and qty's you want.

When I have the proofs done, you come in to look at the images within it.  If you like what you see, and are sure your going to order from it, you pay 400.00 down.  Your not throwing money away on a sitting fee.

That money is applied toward your order.  Orders run anywhere from 450.00 to 700.00.  As with 99% of my customers, you'll fall within that range.  Once again, there is no sitting fee's, which is like a credit to your order as well.

Once you tell me what you want, 3 days later your order is in, ready for you to pick up.  You can come in to place your order, or you can simply email it to me.  Once we've determined what you want, a final print cost will be figured up, based on time spent shooting with the senior, editing time, and finally prints.

That deposit you paid to remove the book is subtracted from your order cost.

Don't have much time?  I'll have your order dropped shipped to your house.



Graduation card work will be provided free of charge, again, once the deposit has been made to remove your proof book from the studio.  All you pay is the price of the cards.

(2) High Rez Images will be released for ad's for the yearbook, once the order has been placed as well.

Grad card samples are in the studio for you to look over.  You can save a tremendous amount of money getting them through here -vs- the school system.  Remember.  The school system hyper inflates cost for those kick backs from most goods and services they sell.

On line samples can also be found here along with pricing.

Link to Cards 


Split up sessions from Summer and Fall?  Of course we can.  Having said that, I'll only provide makeup for one of the sessions.  Of course, if you choose to opt for 2 sessions, the time shooting will be divided up usually in a manner of 75/25.  

75% for the summer session and 25% for the fall session due to running out of light early in the evenings.  While shooting fall sessions, we don't have time to mess around.  We pack up the clothing options, and we're off and running.

If you have any questions what so ever, always feel free to contact me at 731.587.3914, or if I'm not shooting, your more than welcome to bring your senior in, and visit the studio.....

Mom's get (2) 8x10 drapes from me.  It's a small thank you for swinging through Keepsake.