A woman's wedding day is one of the two most important days of her life, the second being giving birth to a child. I understand that, and try to incorporate that thought throughout the day. My photography revolves around the bride all day long.





Keepsake fully understands the importance of your wedding day.  There's several things going on that day, and I do everything in our power to help minimize the stress that comes along with all the details.  If you need anything at all from me during that day, you should already know not to worry about asking

Prior to the wedding itself during our consultation,  I'll spend some time with the Bride to discuss exactly what she's looking for in the way of pictures. 

This usually starts off with our initial meeting in the studio, and on down the road as the wedding date approaches. 

I'll be in contact with the bride off and on, starting 4 weeks out from the wedding date.

I'll also make arrangements with the Bride and Groom to see the church to get a better picture, (no pun intended) of what type of shots the church itself will offer.  

While at the church, sometimes the Bride and Groom may come up with shots that weren't covered in our initial meeting.  I'll also be at the rehearsal as well to go over last minute details.  Everything is pretty much laid out, and nothing is left up to chance.



Who ever you get to shoot your wedding, make sure you have everything nailed down to the last detail. 

You don't want any surprises down the road.  Make sure you, and the Photographer of your choice get along O.K., and are on the same page.  True, he/she is there to shoot your wedding, but you don't need some stick in the mud, throwing out commands to everyone. 

I've heard enough horror stories already....


One thing about Keepsake Wedding coverage.  I'll seek out and capture the emotion that arises throughout the day. 

Of course you get the usual formal shots, but the real fun starts when I start to capture those all important candid shots. 

You just never know what I'm going to see, and capture


Brides are no different than anyone else when it comes to finances.  You can spend all you want on flowers, wedding attire, wedding locations, and the reception, but in the end, it will only be your wedding photos that you'll have to remind you of that special day. You don't want to cut "too" many corners in this area.  Unfortunately, I've seen it happen too many times, that cost were cut on the photography,  and the photo's ends up looking just like that,  mediocre wedding coverage.